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Do NOT expect TRUTH from “handpicked” @GBI_GA investigation. Members picked by @BrianKempGA & Vic Reynolds who was appointed Director of GBI in 2019 by Kemp. Do GA officials think GA Patriots are fools? Rigged election. Rigged investigation.

+7 Dec 13th, 2020

Only a completely independent set of investigators from the Secretary of State will provide a degree of confidence. Having the GBI assist Raffenspergers investigators perpetuates the lack of trust. Must have A neutral set of investigators. Raffensperger has already been on CNN (that tells you something right there) and stating the most secure election ever. So, do you really think his investigators are going to refute that? He stated no significant fraud before he even investigated fraud and has given no point by point rebuttal to the hundreds of affidavits (sworn testimony) of fraud. And his Voting Systems Implementation Manager Gabriel Sterling, Is a known Never-Trumper based on Sterling’s Facebook posts, “Trump must be stopped”.


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