+13k 825k views Dec 19th, 2020

Judges have mysteriously refused to comment on mountain of evidence of election fraud & irregularities. MSM claims no such evidence exists. A few hills of mountain of evidence were filed today in support of emergency injunction stopping GA runoff madness.

+15 Dec 19th, 2020

You and Sidney need to sit with the Trump-friendly senators and make sure they are convinced. Just in the last several days senators like Graham and Nunes still say they need to see the evidence. Still waiting for a state senator to say he will join with the several House congresspersons on Jan 6th to initiate the debate (if it has to go that far). The DNI, FBI, DOJ, Homeland security must join the fight! Apparent it will not happen without them. They have to provide some evidence and back you up. Barr says “no evidence of widespread fraud” and you tell us he is a true Patriot. None of this makes sense. Mountains of evidence, but no one Federal agency willing to investigate? And if they have, sure are dragging their feet.


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